Whistle Blowing Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy

1. Introduction

In line with good corporate governance practices, the Board and Management of ARK Resources Holdings Berhad and its group of companies (“the Group”) encourage its employees and stakeholders (“the Reporting Party”) to report any wrong doings on the part of employees, management, directors and vendors in particular with respect of their obligation to the Group’s interest.

2. Objective

The Board is to comprise:The objective of the policy and procedure is to provide and facilitate a mechanism for any whistle blower to report concerns about any suspected and/or known misconduct, wrongdoings, corruption, fraud, waste and/or abuse which may include the following:-
  • Fraud and/or corruption and/or dishonesty
  • Unauthorised use of Company/Group’s money, properties and/or facilities
  • Failure to comply with appropriate professional standards
  • Disclosure of Company’s and/or Group’s information without proper authorisation
  • Discrimination, intimidation, harassment and/or victimising any members of the Board, Management or staff of the Company/Group
  • Abuse of power, or the use of power and authority for any unauthorised purpose
  • Sexual or physical abuse of any member of staff
  • Involvement in conflict of interest and/or business opportunities position that was not previously or prior to the transaction disclosed to the Company, Audit Committee or Board as the case may be.
  • Any other matter, which cannot be raised by any other procedures

3. Anonymous Reporting

The whistleblower may identify himself or if he prefers, to remain anonymous when reporting suspected and/or known misconduct, wrongdoings, corruption, fraud, waste and/or abuse.

4. Confidentiality

The identity of the whistleblower and all concerns raised would be treated as confidential in order to protect the whistleblower. However, the whistleblower may be required to come forward as a witness in accordance with any applicable laws and/or regulations.

Any employee reporting on any concern must make it in good faith with reasonable belief that it is true, without malicious or false allegation and not for personal gain. Any employee found to make false and malicious allegation shall be subjected to disciplinary and/or legal actions by the Company.

5. Procedure

If a Reporting Party (“RP”) suspects that wrongdoing has occurred, the RP is encouraged to report to the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

This can be done in writing, telephone or email. The disclosure should be addressed to:-

Name: Mr Tan Wooi Chuon
Designation: Independent Non-Executive Director
Email address:
Address: c/o Suite 3A.02, Level 3A,
Wisma E&C
No. 2, Lorong Dungun Kiri
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Upon receipt of the concern, the Chairman of the Audit Committee will maintain a record of the complaints and will track their receipt, investigation and resolution.

The Chairman will table the disclosure to the Audit Committee to determine if the disclosure has merit and can be substantiated.

The Audit Committee may request an independent investigation is carried out by the Internal Auditors or such other party deemed appropriate.

An appropriate course of action will be recommended to the Board for deliberation. Decision taken by the Board will be implemented immediately.



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